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Top attributes what we look for in a home

No matter where we live, what we do or how much money we have for buying a new home one thing is for sure: we all have a dream home: a home we really want to have. While each people have their own priorities of what they look for in a home, there are still a couple of characteristics which are more in priority with the majority of people than others. That’s why we decided to share the top 10 key attributes people generally look for in a home. If you are selling your home, paying attention to these details can really contribute to selling your home fast.

Have a very good kitchen

Getting a real good, totally equipped kitchen is half success in any fast house sale according to all home selling experts therefore even if you cannot invest in transforming your home to look brand new, try your best to renovate your kitchen as much as possible.


If a home is bright it will instantly look more appealing. No matter what the natural lighting is in your home, you can instantly improve it by setting up a few lamps in the best places. A good lighting has contributed to selling homes fast with a very large amount of homes so now it’s your turn to make your home shine. Other tricks to make your home look instantly lighter include giving a good cleaning to the windows and changing the curtains to a lighter shade, possibly bright white or beige.


Having an absolutely clean home is already half success as they say and there is much truth in this: you wouldn’t imagine how much better any home looks, after they go through a real thorough, deep cleaning which includes the furniture and the carpets too. Another trick is to change carpets and curtains altogether.

Freshly painted

When we live in a home, there is simply no way our walls would not get used after a while. Give your home a quick makeover by getting it painted to a clean white color. This way it would seem larger and more neutral, giving a further chance to the customers to see it as their future home.

The arrangement of rooms

The number of usable rooms play a big part in determining a home’s overall value. You can also help making your home’s arrangement become more appealing by actively decluttering before selling and by packing away all the furniture which are really not necessary to be seen.

Being multi-functional

There is an old staging trick which is also used in IKEA catalogue that says if you have small places, make them more appealing by showing the customers how many ways these can be used. These include working corners in kitchens, playing corners in the living room and so many more. Look around and collect ideas as to how to make your rooms more appealing with these little tricks.
We hope that we could help you with these fast sale home tricks and tips to sell your home fast for a competitive price.

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