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The holy trinity of fast house sale: the rooms which count the most

selling a home fast is never easy, especially if you would like to get a good price for it. Therefore these have been tons of tips and tricks which we can use to make our homes look more attractive and much more appealing to the customers. However there are 3 rooms which need an extra attention in this process because they are the real deal-makers or deal-breakers. Therefore, this time around we would like to discuss the rooms which really do count the most when it comes to selling a home for a good price.

1. The kitchen

It is no secret that a kitchen is a real deal maker when it comes to checking out any home. A fully equipped, modern, shiny and good looking kitchen is a must-have, if you want your home to be sold fast for a good price. Even if, you do not have much to invest, you should try your best to make this area as clean and as appealing as possible. There are experts who even suggest changing the countertops to more appealing ones. Another very important factor is the absolute cleanness. Unfortunately in the case of ovens this can mostly only be guaranteed if you simply go and buy a brand new one. Investing in your kitchen however will bring back way more than the money you have to pay. At the very least, if you don’t have the means to invest in a new kitchen give it a fresh coat of paint or lacquer to make it more appealing.

2. The bathroom

Having a modern, absolutely clean and trendy looking bathroom is half-success when it comes to selling a home. This is not as much of a known fact as in the case of kitchen but if you start watching TV series on how people sell or rent out apartments you will instantly see that bathroom its size, state and look does play a huge role in selling or renting out a home. If you can invest in getting your bathroom renovated do so. If you have a small bathroom with a bathtub change the tub to a trendy looking modern shower and this way it will instantly become more spacious and way more appealing. Trendy tiles can also make a huge difference. Pay attention to any possible plumbing issues too.

3.) The living room

This is the key room to any home; therefore it’s all natural that the look and the feel of it is always a huge deal breaker. When it comes to living rooms, they should optimally have the following characteristics: they should look and feel warm and comfortable yet in the same time they should never look over packed with furniture. You can use lighting and mirrors to accentuate the space and help in making it brighter if necessary. A good stager or a few home catalogues can also help you in making the living room as attractive as possible. We hope that our tips and advice will help you with your fast house sale project.

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