“know IT all”

It is not just another computer tutorial web site … nor is it a “shop window” to persuade you to donate money or purchase a commercial product or service.

This part of our web site is designed specifically for people with various levels of sight loss but is is also suitable for the sighted community. “know IT all” builds on our work to help people get the best out of their computers. It takes new computer owners from total ignorance to confident and competent computer use. Even if you are already a computer user, you may wish to visit some of the early tutorials if only to refresh your memory and possibly to learn something you missed the first time around.

The section has only just started and there is no information currently available under: ‘getting adventurous’ and ‘nearly an expert’. These sections will be added as soon as funds permit.

The items under “and, finally!” are those that do not fit into the tutorials. Here you will find an extensive glossary, keyboard shortcuts, computer tips, several pages of useful links (updated 28 July 2004) and a bit of stuff and nonsense.

Introducing Mac, ace Guide Dog.

Mac features in our main site with his owner Peter. However, Mac is such a handsome and important dog, he felt he deserved his own “billing”. Who are we to argue with that? So … we airbrushed Peter out of the picture. OK with you Mac?