Equipment Provision


Purpose and Method

The purpose of the Equipment Service is to help visually impaired people, without personal financial means, to obtain electronic equipment that will give them access to the written word and help them to communicate.

The money to buy the equipment is found from a combination of our own funds and grants from charitable organisations that support people in the applicant’s particular circumstances. Where possible we will make applications to other organisations, but occasionally, it may be necessary for the applicant to apply to organisations that only accept personal applications.

Our help is conditional on this charity being responsible for buying the equipment, but the choice of equipment and supplier will be the applicant’s.


To qualify for this service you must:

Application Process

The application process is quite simple. You should contact us by telephone on 020 8295 3636 for an initial discussion. We will explain what is required and ask some questions to obtain information that some applicants forget to give us or do not consider relevant. We will send you guidelines in either: text, large text, on cassette, on floppy disk or by email.

You must provide all the documents and information requested in the guidelines (and at the same time) before your application can be validated.

Assessment and Outcome

Valid applications will be assessed, usually on a monthly basis, by a panel of visually impaired trustees of Electronic Aids for the Blind. The panel’s decision shall be final. Everyone who submitted a valid application will be advised of the outcome as soon after the relevant panel meeting as possible.

We cannot undertake to advise those whose applications were not valid.